Good News for You

But there is good news. You can go to Heaven rather than Hell. I now send you the invitation to change sides and to invite Jesus Christ to come and live in your heart. When Jesus literally comes into your heart any Satanic demons there will be literally and instantly cast out by Him. It's time that you were immersed in love rather than in pain and in hate. It's time that you felt peace in your heart rather than torment. It's time that your conscience be cleansed from guilt. It's time that your sins be instantly washed away by the blood of Christ. God can set you free from everything evil that you have been involved in. And it's done just like the old hymn says: Nothing But The Blood of Jesus.

Jesus Christ offers you a new life in Him. Jesus loves you and He wants you. He is willing to forgive you for anything that you did as a devil worshipper. Repent right now, ask Him to take away your sins, ask Him to apply His cleansing blood to your heart and soul, acknowledge that Jesus Christ is God the Son and ask Him to possess you, and tell Him that you are sorry for making a mess of your life. Tell him that you are sorry for hurting the people who love you. Tell him that you are sorry and made a mistake by worshipping Satan and his imps. Then watch what Christ does for you- expect a miracle!

You should view God in the image of Jesus Christ-
in the image of your earthy father
or earthly caretaker

Once Christ comes to literally live inside of your heart take your Satanic books and relics and burn them. Then find the nearest Assemblies of God church and make an appointment to speak with the pastor there. Explain to him what has just happened to you and he will help you get into God's word and help you get sound Biblical teaching. If he can't help you directly I am sure that he will be able to find someone who can.

Once you are strong in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ the pastor will encourage you to receive the power of the Holy Spirit in an act of spiritual baptism
(Acts 2:4). This dynamic power from God is greater than anything that Satan has to offer. You need this power to help you live the Christian life and to help you fight against the power of the enemy. And God is always happy to share His power with you to help you.