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FH Havinga (Principal & Founder)

FH  Havinga  has  academic  qualifications  in  the fields  of  Theology,  Psychology  and  in  the  Paramedical field.  FH Havinga acts as a Trauma Therapist for the emergency services (Netcare 911 and Gauteng emergency services) as well as for the Metro-police services. He is the first and only specialized reservist in South Africa for the Occult Related Crime Unit of the SAPS acting as a Therapist for Occult Related Crimes and assisting in operational field training of detectives during the investigation of Occult Related Crimes.

He has acted in an advisory role for various churches, NGO’s and Government organisations in regards to project development and implementation strategies relating to his fields of expertise.

FH  Havinga  has  been  helping  people wanting  to break  away  from  potentially harmful religious, cultural, subcultural practices, occult  practices  and dangerous  cults  for  more than twenty-four-years. He has been a speaker at numerous events   ranging   from   speaking   at   schools   to   the training   of professionals, and has appeared on numerous TV programs and radio stations.  He  has  been  the author of  a number  of  articles  for national  and  international magazines  and  newspapers.

He is the founder of ASERAC™, a company aiming at caring for, supporting and equipping survivors of extreme forms of abuse & trauma and their significant others. ASERAC is also involved in the training of trauma intervention and support volunteers from various communities. FH Havinga is the co-founder and Vice-chairperson of Alpha Trauma and Support Centre in Kempton Park, a  community centre  helping  people  in  the  community  that  has been  exposed  to  extreme forms  of  trauma  ranging from  Child  &  Sexual  Abuse,  Hijackings  to  Ritualistic  Abuse. 

He   currently has a private practice in Kempton Park, doing general professional psychological counselling with a special interest in working with victims of severe trauma impacting on their social, physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual functioning. 

FH Havinga is married to Elmarie and they have two sons; Jadon and Ethan.  He believes that each person should fulfil his God given purpose on earth and change his generation in his lifetime.

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ASERAC™ aim at rendering a service by employing our skills, expertise, and/or resources in helping youth, parents, schools, institutions, and/or churches to counsel, consult with and empower the leaders of tomorrow.


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We strive to the best of our ability and with the resources to our disposal to support individuals, groups, families and communities who have fallen prey to abusive and/or traumatic incidents on a social, psycho-emotional, physical and/or spiritual level. ASERAC™ endeavour to support and assist victims of abuse and/or trauma in the following areas:


·          Religious (spiritual) and/or philosophical motivated abuse/trauma. 

·          Psycho-emotional abuse/trauma. 

·          Social and/or cultural abuse/trauma. 

·          Physical abuse/trauma.


Become a volunteer


Should you like to volunteer your services in ASERAC™ contact us. Volunteers can assist victims, significant others and/or other volunteers in any service from basic support to professional assistance.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Call Elmarie on 011 023 7376

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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